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Song of Nunu Comic: English
Song of Nunu komiks: Čeština
Song of Nunu-Comic: Deutsch
Cómic Song of Nunu: Español (EUW)
Cómic Song of Nunu: Español (LATAM)
BD Song of Nunu: Français
Fumetti di Song of Nunu: Italiano
Song of Nunu képregény: Magyar
Komiks Song of Nunu: Polski
Quadrinhos Song of Nunu: Português
Banda desenată Song of Nunu: Română
Song of Nunu Comic: Türkçe
Song of Nunu Κόμικ: Ελληνικά
Комикс Song of Nunu: Русский
หนังสือการ์ตูน Song of Nunu: ภาษาไทย
Truyện Tranh Bài Ca Của Nunu: Tiếng Việt
『ヌヌの唄』コミック: 日本語
누누의 노래 코믹북: 한국어
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